Tuesday 1 February 2011

My first post

Over the last six months or so I feel that I am getting the hang of this Web 2.0 lark.  Up to now I have been so overwhelmed with the many different tools that exist I have always been a bit put off. 
  • Which ones to explore? 
  • Will they work through my school's filter system?  Answer: probably not. 
  • Which ones to try with my students?  How will use of Web 2.0 improve their learning and support content led teaching? 
Deep down I always understood the relevance and support Web 2.0 could offer me in my own personal CPD and also craved new and innovative ways to engage with my students at school, both in the LRC and outside in the classroom, corridors and in the virtual world.  However I have never been one to try something new just for the sake of it and I certainly didn't want to explore lots of different ideas only to result in a series of half hearted attempts which have no impact at all on my professional career and that of my students' learning.

Having to choose a particular area of focus for my Chartership has enabled me to make a serious attempt to tackle some of the latest technological developments and I began with developing my own personal learning network through Twitter and using Google Reader to track blogs etc which are most interesting and useful to me.  I know of some fantastic librarians out there in schools (this is my area of professionalism), whose blogs, tweets and school library web pages have been invaluable to me.  Thank you - I can only aspire to be like you.  This new blog is my first step to publishing my thoughts, ideas and initiatives on the latest technological developments in Web 2.0, e-resources such as the I-Pad and Kindle and their impact on learning in schools within the context of the LRC and its integral role in supporting both teaching and learning.

Having had a meeting with my line manager last week to redefine my job description, I have been lucky enough to have been told to focus on the LRC's virtual role and explore different Web 2.0 tools and their role in teaching and learning with the aim of using this as my main Chartership focus.  A meeting next week with my mentor should enable me to begin this process properly.  

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