Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Thing 23 - What Next?

Ok - Thing 23 - where do I go from here?
I am not in the mood for a PDP as this is already a part of my Chartership and I have just updated the original one I sent to CILIP at the beginning with an Outcomes column so I can see exactly when and how I achieved/didn't quite achieve those things I set out to do.  Therefore I thought I'd try a SWOT analysis instead


PLN – keeping up to date

Excellent LRC staff

Support of professional body

Lots of Things to do/try

Freedom to use initiative

Creative & Innovative

Linking to teaching & learning




Sixth Form role taking too much time

Being new at the job

My 'prickly' nature

Balancing work/life

Actually implementing Things – finding the time

Lurking too much online and being in my own bubble

Fear and personal insecurity

Sixth Form role


Ideal environment to try some Things out with students/staff

Web 2.0 & new technologies actually in new job description

City wide Librarian development

Pop Up Library Idea

New English Bac qualification


Sixth Form role

Economic climate affect on school funding

Demands/use of LRC due to timetabling/rooming/size of school

Fear of stagnating – been in role/school too long

New English Bac qualification 

My biggest aim is to complete my Chartership and I have set myself the end of this academic year (July 2013) as my final, final date, although I would love to get it done before then.  After that, I don't honestly know.  Chartering has been on my horizon since 2005 (OFSTED, husband in hospital for almost a year in total, having a baby, being on maternity leave, procrastination) and I haven't really looked further than that.  My experiences with my ever increasing virtual network is beginning to show me that there is more to life than my LRC/Library, but just exactly what, I am not sure.  I was only saying yesterday that I never thought I would be in the same organization for this long, but what could be out there, I honestly don't know.   My interest is also piqued by the fact that my sixth form role appears in three out of the four boxes and not the Strength one so this is a definite place to start.

Finally to finish:- six word stories to describe my experience of CPD23:
  • Cannot believe I have finished it
  • Oh my goodness, what an achievement
  • Finish chartership next or die trying
  • Didn't think I would finish it
  • Learned a lot, now to do/use/try/explore
Oh, and I will continue blogging because it really is a great tool to get my thoughts in order and I have learned so much from other peoples' blogs in the last few years. 

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  1. I think Chartership is my next step too - I'd be interested to hear how you get on (I have to wait until I hear back regarding my ACLIP before I start)

    I loved your six word stories - although I really hope you don't die trying when doing your Chartership!